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Prophetess Tiffany Morriar-Wilson is an author, Entrepreneur, Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach, Singer and more. She is a native of Bridgeport, CT. Having accepted the call to women’s ministry in 2008, Prophetess Tiffany quickly became privy to the spiritual and socioeconomic barriers that were universally blocking women from successfully walking in their purpose. Being a strong advocate for female liberation, she began her pursuit of female empowerment by empowering one woman at a time through speaking, teaching, counseling and social media. In 2014, Prophetess Tiffany began her career as an entrepreneur founding GLAM Empowerment Network Inc. With a passion for female empowerment, a love for fashion and endless ambition her entrepreneurial accomplishments include GLAM.OUR Closet Boutique, GLAM Mentorship Program, the GLAM Xperience, GLAM Conference and Womanology Vol 1. The Single Woman.